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Jonathan Reinsdorf serves as a senior analyst and advisor to CEO for the Education Alliance. In addition, Mr. Reinsdorf is the Managing Member of BlackMoon Technologies LLC, a sports technology company and is the President of FroogaliT, LLC, a payments solutions company.  

Mr. Reinsdorf is a member of the Executive Committee for the United Center Joint Venture, which is home to The Chicago Bulls Professional Basketball Team and The Chicago Blackhawks Professional Hockey Team. In addition, Mr. Reinsdorf is the Vice Chairman of the Board for StreetWise and is a board of trustee for the Noble Network of Charter Schools and Campus Insiders.  He also serves on the BalanceCXI and Sheridan Road Charitable Foundation Advisory Boards and is a philanthropic committee member for Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities.  

Mr. Reinsdorf holds an MBA with concentrations in Accounting and Finance from The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law.

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